ABC字母排序(A1B2兩兩對消) 1.2 APK Download

ABC字母排序(A1B2兩兩對消) 1.2 APK Download

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Level 1– 新手入門,由數字1~13與小寫前13個字母a~m對應,適合從來沒有玩過的玩家鍛鍊思考模式。EX:a-1, b-2,…, m-13

Level 2 — Level1的進階版,小寫字母與數字的對應,訓練專注力的同時,需熟悉英文26個字母的排列順序,才能達到縮短使用時間的目標。EX:a-1,b-2, …, z-26

Level 3 — 同Level 2難度,大寫字母與數字的對應,訓練專注力的同時,需熟悉大寫英文字母。EX:A-1, B-2,…, Z-26

Level 4 — 字母訓練,對應大小寫兩兩消除,培養專注力。EX:A-a, B-b , …, Z-z

Level 5 — 專注力與反應力的測試,大小寫字母對應數字,除了熟悉字母排序外,對字母大小寫也須有相對的反應力。EX:A ora– 1, B or b — 2 , …, Z or z — 26


歌名:On Hold / 作者:Silent Partner
歌名:Splashing Around / 作者:The Green Orbs
歌名:Yankee Doodle / 作者:The Green OrbsFamiliar with the26letters of the English sort and sensitive correspondence, youcancultivate concentration, exercise visual directional speedsearch,effectively expanding the blessing of view, thecorrespondingnumbers uppercase and lowercase letters, and effectivetrainingreaction force.

Game Description === ===

A total of five modes, letter or number shall be pairedoffelimination of the challenges completed in a short time,theshorter the time, the higher the force to focus onitsbehalf.

When thinking time over 10 seconds, the next step will be togivetips.

Level 1– Getting Started, by the numbers 1 to 13 and 13beforelower case letters correspond to a ~ m, never played for theplayerexercise mode of thinking. EX: a-1, b-2, …, m-13

Level 2 – Level 1 Advanced Edition, lowercase letters andnumberscorresponding to the training of concentration at the sametime, befamiliar with the order of the 26 letters of the English,in orderto shorten the time to reach the goal. EX: a-1, b-2,…,z-26

Level 3 – Level 2 with difficulty, uppercase letters andnumberscorresponding to the training of concentration at the sametime, befamiliar with capital letters. EX: A-1, B-2, …,Z-26

Level 4 – letter training, the corresponding casetwenty-twoeliminate, cultivate concentration. EX: A-a, B-b, …,Z-z

Level 5 – Test of concentration of the reaction forcecorrespondingto the digital case letters, in addition to thefamiliaralphabetical order, the capitalization of the reaction mustalsohave opposing force. EX: A or a – 1, B or b – 2, …, Z or z-26

Background music Source:

Song: On Hold / Author: Silent Partner
Song: Splashing Around / Author: The Green Orbs
Song Title: Yankee Doodle / Author: The Green Orbs

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App Name ABC字母排序(A1B2兩兩對消)
Package Name a1b2com.user.a1b2
Version 1.2
Requirement Android 4.0.3 and up
Updated 2017-05-30
Installs 1 - 5
Category Educational, Games

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