Description of Shyness

Shyness is the Epitome of Greatness.

Human brain capacity depends on branching of brain cellsandformation of complex links between them. Imagine how manycelllinks are in play when the brain of a shy person likes us,isalways working on a multilevel. Not only is our brain focusedonlistening to the other person, we are constantly trying to hideourshyness and trying to appear cool. We are also looking foranysigns of ridicule, feeling guilty and uncomfortable all at thesametime. They say that most humans use only 10% of their brain.Weexercise over 30% of our brain. As a result, our brainsareexercised far more. We have worried ourselvesintoSuper-Brains.

Shyness is the health club of the mind. Shyness createsenhancedbrain power which most shy people fail to actualize. Youhave tosearch for your calling and give it all you got. Thepotential thatyou have created by simultaneously exercising yourbrain on amulti-level you must harness.

Shyness is the mother of greatness. Look at all the giantsofhistory who were shy. F.D. Roosevelt and Einstein were shy; aswasGandhi.

There are two kinds of human beings, mature and immature. Thematuredo not make fun of others. Immature people make fun andridicule usdue to their own immaturity. When ridiculed do not feelbitter aboutyourself, feel sorry for the immaturity of the personwho makes funof you. Instead of focusing on your shyness; focus onthe immaturityof the poor person.
The Power of Shyness
Shyness is not too much of a bad thing. Do not feel so unhappyaboutit. It enables the shy person to sit on a mountain ofenhancedmental capacity. It makes your brain far more fertileandimaginative. It gives you an edge over others especially intheartistic fields. Because your brain capacity is deeper, and youcanthink of many topics at the same time; your brainpower congersup afar more imaginative and colorful result. The trick is to findyourcalling and give it all you got. Your vast brain power willensuresuperior results. This will bring you love, respectandwealth.
We are extraordinary people who may have a self image problemwhichcan be corrected. Research shows that a vast number of shypeopleloose their shyness merely by opening up and sharing theirfears,disappointments, frustrations, and hopes. If you are carryinganemotional load, just by talking about it you can reduce it. Tryitand see for your self. In fact, what helped me was standingbeforea mirror, seeing myself eye to eye and telling myself how Ifeel,expressing all my fears and disappointments. At first, Iwasuncomfortable. Slowly over many days, I did not feel anything.Nowwhen I look at myself in the mirror I smile and feel OK. Sharingmyfears with another friend helped me even more.
When you feel shy just observe your feelings in an impersonalmannerwithout judging yourself and without feeling guilty. Yetthere areover 100 million shy people in the United States aloneand I am suresome of them will love to speak to you. For starterslet us shiftour focus from brooding over our shyness to sharingour experiencesand emotions with others like us. We have built upa heavy-dutycircuitry of brainpower. We have the capacity tofunction at a muchhigher level. Our brains are far moreresourceful. Our vast mentalpowers enhance creativity. Inaddition, we can get rid of ourshyness. Imagine a shy free mindwith immense brainpower. You can doit; please go for it.

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App Name Shyness
Package Name a1.shyness
Version 1.0
Requirement Android 6.0 and up
Updated 2015-11-24
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